Creating from Air

On the joy of creating stuff

April 29, 2020

Ever since I’ve learned how to code I’ve thoroughly expressed how I love it. The excitement of creating something from nothing is one of the best feelings of the world, like you can build a house or a bridge by yourself with your own hands.

There’s a great quote from The Mythical Man-Month that says:

  The programmer, like the poet, 
  works only slightly removed from 
  pure thought-stuff. 
  He builds his castles in the air, from air,
  creating by exertion of the imagination. 
  Few media of creation are so flexible,
  so easy to polish and rework, 
  so readily capable of realizing 
  grand conceptual structures.

This quote just gets me, although it may sound kind of douchy and show-off it describes the feeling when everything works fine to how you planned it on paper.

Now, although you can create digital stuff it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll build everything. That’s why you need to choose the right projects that you’ll really love doing. This is what is currently and has been happening to me lately, I get excited about a side-project and turns out another idea comes by and I start building another side-project. Eventually you get zero projects done so choose the right project that will grow in you (it helps if that side-project has a great vision and meaning).

The Power of Nocode

If you’re reading this and you don’t know how to code because it’s too hard (which I think is bullshit) then get into Nocode, it’s awesome and there are a lot of tools right now.

The key to creating stuff is to try to build things that people want (Typical quote from YC) or that people need. Try to solve a problem you personally have because I bet that at least a hundred other people have that same problem you have at your work or life and they’re willing to pay you money to use it.

Stop whining and start creating from air :)